Elaine’s Little Kicks Seinfeld T-Shirt

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Elaine’s Little Kicks Seinfeld T-Shirt T-shirts


This Seinfeld t-shirt features silhouettes of Elaine’s awkward dancing from the season eight episode titled “The Little Kicks”.

In this episode, Elaine reluctantly allows George to attend a company party. George attempts to hit on Anna, one of Elaine’s employees, but she doesn’t seem interested. George is then horrified when he sees Elaine dancing at the party, with a full body dry heave set to music. This dance causes Elaine’s staff to lose all respect for her. Elaine mistakenly attributes this lack of respect to George’s presence at the party.

You’ll have everybody saying “Sweet fancy Moses” when you wear this Elaine’s Little Kicks Seinfeld T-Shirt!

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Elaine's Little Kicks Seinfeld T-Shirt

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