Large Ant Outworld Kit “Castle”

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Large Ant Outworld Kit “Castle”

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Large Ant Outworld Kit  “Castle”

Size: 4x8x4 inches (10x20x10cm)

Our new and improved Ant Farm Outworld Kits come with everything you need to create the perfect foraging area for your ant colony. The four background images can be used to decorate the outworld to your liking.


  • High quality “ClearView” acrylic outworld for optimal viewing
  • Micro holes for optimal ventilation
  • Removable dual-lid system for easy access
  • 2 connection ports for extending the setup
  • Easy and intuitive assembly
  • Easy cleaning for unlimited use
  • The Outworld in Action!
  • Outworld Review by AntsDenmark
  • 1x foraging outworld
  • 1x cover for outworld
  • 1x feeding dish
  • 1x liquid feeder
  • 1x connection tubing
  • 1x bag of sand substrate
  • Set of background images

Miniature Castle by tc_fea is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

Large Ant Outworld Kit "Castle"